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First jam of the year

Really glad to be back to some proper self-made sugar-free jam, really had a hard time from March to May having to eat non-self-made jam, so I should definitely make more jam this year to last the whole winter.


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Raspberry squirrel

The noemienours vegan pancakes

Not been cooking pancakes for a long time, and even forgot about the magical "reverse" moment.

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A typical Sunday at noemienours HQ

Beside making whole-grain spelt bear-bread and hummus today, I also worked on recording the last composition of the new noemienours album. Most of the guitar/keyboard parts are now recorded, with only drums and vocals still to be recorded. So there will not be more than 4 reel-to-reel recording tapes in the end. Hopefully, the mixing/mastering should now take place in November and the current tracklist is as follows:

NOEMI008: noemienours: The Dry Path. (tracklist tbc)

Side A:

1. Forbearance.

2. Ursus Arctos Gobiensis. 

3. Les Fastes de la Grande, et Anciénne Mxnxstrxndxsx.

Side B: 

1. De Frysta Orden.

2. Les Esprits Animaulx

3. The Luminescent Waters

4. Skogens Chaconne.

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Summer jam

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