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NOEMI002: noemienours: Bear meditations 180 gr. black vinyl LP (150 SEK)

NOEMI003: noemienours: As a Beare doth her Whelps 180 gr. black vinyl LP (150 SEK)

NOEMI004: noemienours: Unquestioning unrequited 180 gr. black vinyl LP (150 SEK)

NOEMI006: noemienours: Tardigrade Bouncing 180 gr. black vinyl (150 SEK)

UNREAD #256: noemienours: Unquestioning unrequited Cassette (60 SEK)

To order a release, you can send a message with your address, preferred payment method and the items you want to order through the contact form or send an email to: noemienoursrecords[at]gmail[dot]com

You will then receive a confirmation email with payment instructions and total including shipping.

Payment is possible with Paypal, Swedish bank transfer and IBAN bank transfer.

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