How to order


To order a release available in the catalog page or if you have any other question, just send a message (with your address, preferred payment method and the items you want to order, if you want to place an order) through the contact form or send an email to: noemienoursrecords[at]gmail[dot]com

You will then receive a confirmation email with payment instructions and total amount, including shipping.

Payment is possible with Paypal, Swish, Swedish bank transfer and IBAN bank transfer. 

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1Recrosio2022-08-02 06:38

Bonjour there! I would like to order the pumice/noemienours split lathe. Hope it’s always possible. Take care, Stéphane

1-1noemienours2022-08-02 06:42

Dear Stéphane, I will send you an email. Take care, Noémie


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