Dear all,
this morning I ordered an Animals Asia t-shirt to support them and help them freeing more bears from bile farms. So far, there has never been any noemienours merch, as releasing physical music is already a time-consuming task, and I already kind of struggle finding time to work on reissues for sold out releases.

But as far as all digital sales are donated to bear-friendly associations, they can also be considered as being noeminours merch. Here follows a list with links to those merch stores:

Animals Asia (supported through Songs from the Life of Bears and Bear Meditations):

Orphaned Wildlife (supported through As a Beare doth her Whelps):

Hunt Saboteurs Sweden (supported through Unquestioning Unrequited, there is also a UK Hunt saboteurs merch store):

Greenpeace (Greenpeace Sweden supported through Tardigrade Bouncing, there is no Sweden store but there is a UK one):

And of course, feel free to purchase more digital downloads for the releases that are missing in your collection, if you ever want to support them that way.

Take care, Noémie 

October 2021