"Polar Bear Noetics" LP pre-order available now, shipping June 2023.

"Before Hibernation" out now. Limited cassette shipping now.



noemienours/Christoph Graupner: Monatliche Clavichord Früchte: Frühling + Sommer: 2 cds set pre-order available now. 


François Couperin/noemienours: Fåglarnas Närhet 12" clear lathe cut shipping now!


noemienours: The Dry path 180 gr. black vinyl shipping now!


noemienours/Mr. Mouton lathe cut split 12" shipping now.

Pumice/noemienours clear lathe 12" split shipping now.


The Dry Path C-50 Pro-Dubbed yellow Cassette, Limited to 50 copies shipping now.

Vinyl edition pre-orders available and shipping in June 2022.

 Order here: https://noemienours.bandcamp.com/album/the-dry-path



"The Meditative Adventures Songbook (2016-2021)" Shipping now.

Electronic book and paperback out now.

The book includes English translations of the songs in Swedish.

Order here:



 noemienours: The Dry Path is out digitally with physical pre-orders.  

Still available: "Tardigrade Bouncing" (LP/DL)

noemienours: "Unquestioning Unrequited" (LP/CS/DL)